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Earthquake Strikes Elazig / Turkey – Jan 24, 2020

Earthquake Strikes Elazig / Turkey – Jan 24, 2020

Get well soon…

We wish those who are affected by the earthquake in Elazig and our country to get well soon once again.

We wish mercy from God to those who lost their lives, and urgent healing to the wounded.

Positive science is the only realistic way to eliminate the possible damages of the earthquake or another disaster potential.

We expect all national & internationally academicians, all relevant people, institutions and organizations to contribute to the scientific research that we carry out and will carry out once again within our association.

As the Association of Researches on Disaster, we are aware of how big our responsibility is on our journey.

Your support and possible contribution to our work will be a major gain in reaching the most rational remedy for any problem we will face.

It’s not a word anymore, it’s definitely time to work

Stay healthy

Prof. Mehmet Eryilmaz,
MD Association of Researches on Disaster Chairman of the Board

Sosyal medyanda paylaş, herkes haberdar olsun!

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