We took the first step of our synergistic growth vision.

A decision of cooperation has been made between the “Association of Researches on Disaster“ and “Emergency Ambulance Physicians Association” for the specific purposes of both associations.

In accordance with the protocol signed in İzmir on 12 December 2019 by the Chairman of Association of Researches on Disaster Prof.Mehmet Eryılmaz,MD  and the Chairman of the Board of Emergency Ambulance Physicians Turhan Sofuoğlu,MD the parties decided to create cooperation and develop and support joint efforts, especially in international platforms, in line with their common goals and experiences.

  1. To conduct scientific joint researches, to publish and / or have them published on scientific platforms,
  2. Organizing scientific joint activities (International and National Congress, Symposium, Conference, Workshop etc.),
  3. To carry out joint activities in international scientific platforms,
  4. To realize joint projects with public institutions and organizations, private organizations and non-governmental organizations,
  5. To prepare, develop and participate in international projects supported by various funds and organizations,
  6. To activating, develope and organize all kinds of academic research activities about “emergency” and “disaster” in Turkey and / or abroad, and cooperate with individuals, institutions and organizations working on these issues,
  7. To organize training and courses for the purposes of associations,
  8. To engage in technological and innovative initiatives to develop products for its purposes,

We wish success to all the studies to be carried out in accordance with the protocol declaring its purpose and to the researchers who will endeavor to these studies.

We would like to congratulate both associations for their sincere contribution to such a synergy.

Assosication of Researches on Disaster

We took the first step of our synergistic growth vision.

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