Association Of Researches on Disaster Held Its First General Assembly…

Dear Members …

Our Association of Researches on Disaster, which we decided to establish on 17th August 2019 in commemoration of the 20th Anniversary of the Great Marmara Earthquake in 1999, has successfully organized its first General Assembly.

On October 20, 2019, 33 of our 43 members attended the First Ordinary General Assembly which was held in the Conference Hall of the Nazim Hikmet Cultural Center of Yenimahalle Municipality.

Our General Assembly opened with the welcome speech of Temporary Board Member Hulya Silkin, after “Standing in silence” and singing of ‘the Turkish National Anthem’ in memory of who we lost in disasters, continued with the honouring to the stand of our Temporary Chairman of the Board Prof. Mehmet Eryılmaz,MD. Ilker Duru who was nominated as the President of Council and Latif Tayfun Kuruçay who was nominated as Clerk Membership by Mr. Eryılmaz were voted down by General Assembly and their mission was approved unanimously.

The President of Council Mr. Duru invited Temporary Chairman Prof. Mehmet Eryilmaz, MD to the stand to submit the Annual Report of the Interim Board of Directors in accordance with the agenda of the general assembly. Dr. Eryılmaz gave detailed information about the association’s aims, fields of activity and what the goals should be. He talked about what has been done by the temporary board of the association until today and what should be done after that. Subsequently, the Provisional Board of Directors was unanimously acquited by the General Assembly.

As a result of the voting for the persons who applied to be the candidate for the Presidency of the Council;

For the full membership of the Board;

Mehmet Eryılmaz
Hülya Silkin
Serap Korkmaz
Gürkan Kuzu
Mehmet Sözügüzel
Muhsin Uzun
Hasan Hüseyin Boğaz

For Substitute Membership of the Board;

Hikmet Balkış
Şahin Kaymak
Yıldırım Kayam
Nuray Ünsal
Halil Hakan Ekmekci

For the Principal Membership of the Supervisory Board;

Ceren Gencer Kahraman
Vahit Onur Gül
Latif Tayfun Kuruçay

For Substitute Membership of the Supervisory Board;

Kasım Halis
Nur Deniz Ünsal
Bülent Altunbaş

were elected unanimously. The President of the Council thanked the Temporary Board Members for their work to date. He wished success to the new management and supervisory boards that will work in the following term.

The vote of the chairmanship of the council for the importation of our newly designed Logo to our statute was unanimously accepted. Again, the last item on the agenda, ‘Association Member Fees’ for the members to pay 120 TL once a year was accepted by majority vote.

In the  wishes and requests section, many of our members declared that they would be able to take part in the works to be done for the purposes of the association and would be happy to make any possible contribution to the association.

Our first ordinary general assembly ended with Çorbacı Hasan Usta’s ‘One Bowl of Hot Soup’.

The chairman of the council gave his sincere thanks to the guests, the members of our association, the factory Matbaa who provided us with the support and morale and power, the managers of Çorbacı Hasan Usta, the Mayor of Yenimahalle and the employees of Nazım Hikmet Cultural Center and especially all the members of the Temporary Board of Directors.

Following the General Assembly, the newly elected members of the board of directors and auditors convened among themselves and distributed tasks.

Board of Directors;

Mehmet Eryılmaz (President)
Mehmet Sözügüzel (Vice President)
Muhsin Uzun (Secretary General)
Hasan Hüseyin Boğaz (Accountant)
Hülya Silkin (The Member Responsible for Commissions)
Serap Korkmaz (The Member Responsible for Commissions)
Gürkan Kuzu (The Member Responsible for Commissions)

Board of Supervisors;

Ceren Gencer Kahraman (President)
Vahit Onur Gül
Latif Tayfun Kuruçay

We congratulate our newly elected members and wish them success in their work.

Association of Researches on Disaster

Association Of Researches on Disaster Held Its First General Assembly…