Prof. Dr. Levent KENAR - University of Health Sciences / Chief of Medical CBRN Department

A decision of cooperation has been made between the “Association of Researches on Disaster“ and “Emergency Ambulance Physicians Association” for the specific purposes of both associations.

Assocıatıon for Researches on Dısaster
Our First General Assembly Held
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Prof. Dr. Mehmet ERYILMAZ

Dr.Levent Kenar

Tıbbi KBRN

Prof. Dr. Levent KENAR

Prof.Dr.Haluk Eyidoğan

Deprem Haberleri

Prof. Dr. Haluk EYİDOĞAN



Doç. Dr. Bülent ÖZMEN

Instead of unverified information; with synergistic studies, scientific outputs, realistic and accurate reports with the international experience we want to offer ...

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Personal Emergency State Action Preparation Guide' prepared for the COVID-19 Pandemic Dear Reader,You can reach the 'Personal Emergency State Action Preparation Guide' prepared for the COVID-19 Pandemic as Association for Researches on Disaster on our website you answer the questions in the guide in line with the information suggested by

CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19): Global Biological Disaster Written by: Prof. Dr. Levent KENARUniversity of Health SciencesChief of Medical CBRN DepartmentFebruary 24, 2020 The word 'corona' in Latin means 'crown' and symbolizes the general characteristic of this group. In the coronavirus family, which is divided into four groups as Alpha-, Beta-, Gamma- and Delta,

Technical Assistance for Turkey in Horizon 2020 Phase II Turkey in Horizon 2020Cooperation Innovation Competitiveness Technical Assistance for Turkey in Horizon 2020 Phase IIFocused Group Training on H2020 Digital Health Call Topic20-21 February 2020Limak Ambassador Hotel / Ankara / Turkey Double day meeting of ‘Turkey in Horizon 2020 - Cooperation Innovation

Earthquake Strikes Elazig / Turkey - Jan 24, 2020 Get well soon… We wish those who are affected by the earthquake in Elazig and our country to get well soon once again.We wish mercy from God to those who lost their lives, and urgent healing to

Dear Members … Our Association of Researches on Disaster, which we decided to establish on 17th August 2019 in commemoration of the 20th Anniversary of the Great Marmara Earthquake in 1999, has successfully organized its first General Assembly. On October 20, 2019, 33 of our 43 members attended the First Ordinary

Association for Researches on Disaster Special Working Groups initiates their academic production by executive faculty members who are experienced in their fields. The details of our groups are constantly updated. We wish you to follow and contact us to work in areas of interest. You can visit our SPECIAL WORKING GROUPS page for

Association for Researches on Disaster (AAD) was founded by 9 (nine) disaster volunteers who came together in Ankara on August 17, 2019, which is the 20th anniversary of the Great Marmara Earthquake. As a result of our application to the Provincial Directorate of Civil Society Relations of the Governorship of Ankara